EDRPOU code 44503900Verkhniy Val Street, 28, 02000 Kyiv

phone: 0632003344PayPal: moc.liamg%40eniarku.ahzev

EDRPOU code 44503900Verkhniy Val Street, 28, 02000 Kyiv

phone: 0632003344PayPal: moc.liamg%40eniarku.ahzev


A project that will help build communication between the government and business in wartime conditions.
State support should be directed primarily to entrepreneurs who care and really spend money to help the army and refugees.

Donate to the army of Ukraine that protects the world ➔

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OUR GOAL is to help all those suffering from Russian aggression

After Russia's insidious attack on our Motherland,
NGO "NDC Flogiston Tim"a decision was made at the meeting to fully concentrate on volunteer activities. After analyzing the current situation, we came to the conclusion that the most painful problem is logistics. It was decided to create a logistics network that would protect the refugees from the poverty caused by the war.
We work in the most difficult situations and difficult cases when everyone refuses to help.
We are inspired by the happy eyes of children and their parents, in the midst of despair and grief, we give them hope for the future. We are proud of our heroes who defend our land, and we try to take on all the problems of the civilian population.
There is no higher happiness and honor for protecting and helping those who suffered because of the cynical actions of the beasts - the war criminals of the Kremlin.

< 300 families were evacuated

< 20t food is distributed

< 25t medicines and TPN were distributed



Together with the Polish Center for International Assistance (PCRM), we are preparing gifts for people from the city of Kherson. This is an action that PCRM prepared and decided to hold in a hospital in Kherson to help people who are sick and cannot receive gifts anywhere else, as well as medical staff.



They signed a memorandum with Odessa dog trainers.
We will soon launch a project to demine the territories of Ukraine affected by the aggression of the Russian Federation.



A large rubber convoy through the liberated villages of the Mykolayiv region. 6 buses with a humanitarian worker, stoves - small pots, food, clothes, medicines, Christmas gifts for children. All this should improve the mood of our Ukrainians on winter evenings. A special event was the handing over of an ambulance for the Novokokhov OTG. Together with our patrons Aiden and Jemmisha, we save lives!



To the doctors, stubMeds, cats of our passing, so it is necessary to create a photo of them.



We support the Nikolaevites, help organize a heating point, handed over the stove, yesterday the generator, soon we will bring tables, chairs



Thanks to some embellished people from abroad Andrea and her team, we can provide stoves to those who really need it.
So many families are left without heat

Job report

Assistance of the Armed Forces

Heroes, gods of war, angels - no matter how many epithets you choose, none of them can convey our feelings, our hopes, our pain and hopes, our immeasurable love for our defenders.


We are evacuating

Our priority is families with children and the elderly, people with disabilities, and families without financial support.
We provide evacuation support in comfortable passenger cars with overnight accommodation at transfer points throughout Ukraine and Europe. We are solving settlement and registration issues.


We feed. We provide.

Kyiv, Yaremcha, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa, Mykolaiv regularly receive personal hygiene products, mother and baby products, medicines, clothes and bedding from us and our patrons.
In the city of Lviv, we provide fruit and food to four centers for refugees.
Protect the poor with the Tower!


Your donation can change the life of one family or person.A little means a lot!

We are grateful for every donation you make!

Our projects


R&D - Hupava

"Hupava" helps the population of Mykolaiv with drinking water. The project has not only a humanitarian, but also a scientific component. Production needs funding, join us, your donations are very valuable.



The Goose Project is a group of volunteers that delivers humanitarian aid to liberated villages near the front.
Our citizens on the frontline need help!


Helping Animals

We do not forget about our smaller brothers...
Our zoo project aimed at helping animals, our smaller friends, who also suffer from war.


Our team is our pride. Each member of the team strives to achieve the best results in order to achieve victory.


Ihor Kiyashko


Lesya Dobroskochenko-Ovodovska


Ihor Slavov


Oleksandr Jumelya


Oleg Kiyashko


Kateryna Goncharova


"I'm already helping!"A guide for patrons and sponsors, what you need to know in order not to suffer because of your own kindness

  • Official volunteers only

    In order not to become a victim of swindlers and fraudsters, cooperate only with official volunteers who are included in the register of volunteer organizations of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine.

  • Complete the documents!

    A consignment note, which clearly indicates to whom and how much humanitarian aid you sent, will protect you from abuse by officials who distribute aid.

  • Trust, but verify!

    Do not be lazy to call the final recipient of your products and ask if they are satisfied with everything, or if they received the goods in full.

  • Talk out loud about your good deeds

    Most honest sponsors don't like to talk about their charity: "I'm not doing it for PR, I just want to help"
    This is a mistake. First, you should encourage your business partners to join volunteering. In times of war, we cannot stand aside because the peaceful sky above us has been protected by the precious sacrifice of our heroic soldiers.
    Second, we cannot stand by when millions of refugees are deprived of the most basic necessities of life and are in a state of despair and constant stress.
    Thirdly, our President said that this is not just a war between states, it is a war between light and darkness. Do not be afraid to go out into the light!

  • Trust the army, trust the volunteers!

    We are infinitely grateful to our businessmen for the fact that they constantly create and maintain jobs. Every day, brick by brick, a strong rear for our great Army is being built.
    We are ready to take over all your troubles with analysis, distribution and accounting...


Dear Ihor Petrovych!
The "Volunteers V2" company expresses its great gratitude to you and your team for providing humanitarian aid: baby food, diapers, medicines, and personal hygiene products that arrived in our city of Odessa. We are grateful to everyone who helps Ukraine in this difficult time for the state and people.
We are proud that we have such caring people as you. Thank you for finding the opportunity and providing assistance to our citizens and refugees from other regions of the country.
We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and our Victory!


Victoria Vorobyova

Glad to meet and cooperate with "Vezhya" in our common good cause.
Together we are a force. 💪
There are many of us and we cannot be overcome


Head of the Humanitarian Staff of Erzhausen, Hesse

(direct speech)
Dear volunteers! We are very grateful to you for the evacuation and travel abroad to Krakow.
We couldn't have done it without you!


Elena Konstantinovka, Donetsk region

One of dozens of families that we evoked from hot spots. We were very worried about the children until they were safe. The next day, when they were already in Lviv, rioters bombed the Kromatorsk railway station, through which Elena's family was traveling.

Thank you for your help and support. You are doing a good thing. Thanks to your support, we have easily overcome this path. This once again proves that there are people with a big heart and kind soul. Who do not care about other people's problems. Thank you very much for your support in this difficult time. God bless you. Your support is very important for everyone, regardless of whether the person left or stayed in Ukraine.


Lyudmila Reznikova, Kyiv region

Another large family, 14 people,
mostly children, whom we helped move to Ireland

Thank you very much for your help, everything you need, everything is of good quality, thank you very much❤️❤️❤️


Elena, city of Yaremche

We help our refugees in different parts of Ukraine.
Olena contacted the city of Yaremche, they provided her with products and hygiene products

Huge thanks to everyone who participated in the organization of this trip! Thanks to the volunteers, I am now in a safe place, in a beautiful country with my loved ones.This is what really matters!


Tatyana Serhiivna

A mother with a child from Mariupol

To the volunteer girls Lesya and Marina, we are very grateful for your help! Very polite and kind volunteers! Marina met her at the station, helped with housing in Poland. He calls constantly, wondering if everything is fine with us or if we need help. Thank you for your care!


Sakevich Valeriya Volodymyrivna

A family from the Kyiv region, which is now on its wayto Great Britain

I would like to thank the team "Volunteer network VEZHA". Thank you very much for your support Lesa and Igor, you have done a lot for me, and I am very grateful for your responsiveness and understanding! Separately, I want to say THANK YOU to Marina, I am immensely grateful that you were with me everywhere and supported me in a difficult moment. I want to wish your team prosperity and development in the future! THANKS to your team, I am safe. thanks a lot❤️


Anastasia Avtenyuk

Anastasia is 19 years old, was under occupation in the Kharkiv region, and is now on her way to Switzerland


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