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044 333 43 34
+380 97841 4543

PayPal: moc.liamg%40eniarku.ahzev

about kidaid

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We have donated more than $25 millions

We do everything to protect children around the world.

KidAid is a non-profit organization that helps children around the world. We collect donations and and purchase goods for needy children in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Also, we patronize particular families and provide additional financial help. The scope of our activities includes:

    Volunteer movement worldwide;
    “Medical assistance for kids;
    Help with adoption and caregiving;
    “Protecting kids against violence, etc.

The KidAid project runs on donations. We accept funds from both large investors and individuals who are ready to help children in need, even in the amount of $1. All funds raised go directly to helping those in need.


We do our best to help children on our planet.

Unfortunately, millions of children around the world are in danger. Every day, they face the problems of lack of medical care, food, drinking water, etc. They need clothes, education, a safe place to stay, and psychological help. And we are taking every possible step to help them. 


Our mission is to give children a chance for a happy childhood and a safe future. 
With the support of our donors and the help of volunteers, we believe we can make a difference in the lives of many children.


To solve the problems of children in need around the world, it is necessary to unite our efforts.
Large investors and individuals who want to help, suppliers of goods, and volunteers — all of them should be united.



Children in different countries need food, drinking water, medicines, and clothes. We purchase and distribute such goods even to every country.



KidAid organizes the education of needy children. We purchase textbooks, workbooks, and toys and hire teachers to teach children in remote areas.


Medical aid

We have donated more than $2 million to medical organizations in Africa to treat childhood illnesses and provide vaccinations for children.


Legal Support

Often children and their guardians need legal support. KidAid sponsors the hiring of professionals who provide legal services in different situations.

Our Results in numbers

We're proud and thankful for every dollar you donate!


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Safe & Easy Donations

Donation are not about money only. You can also provide support by donating children's clothes or toys to our volunteer centers. Many people have unnecessary pieces of clothing that their children have already grown out of. Such items may still be useful. By donating them to KidAid, you will help children in need.

How Can you help?

There are so many ways to lend a helping hand! Your support and contributions enable KidAid to achieve our mission.



Join our volunteer movement to help even more children! We have open volunteer centers in different countries of the world.



KidAid raises funds for many trusted initiatives. By donating to us, you may rest assured that your money will help children worldwide.



One of the ways to help children is to sponsor our charity events aimed at raising money. We cannot do what we do without our sponsors! 


tell about us 

The more people who learn about our non-profit organization, the better. Share information about us with your friends and colleagues.