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+380 97841 4543

PayPal: moc.liamg%40eniarku.ahzev

044 333 43 34
+380 97841 4543

PayPal: moc.liamg%40eniarku.ahzev

donation projects

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We are constantly raising funds for important initiatives.



Helping South African Children Affected by Recent Severe Floods in 2022

Our goal is to provide food for 100+ African children left homeless and hungry after the flood.

RAISED $19,525ㅤ GOal $85,000

- Violence

Urgent Psychological Assistance for Children Affected by Domestic Violence

We are raising funds to open a new psychological help center for children in Ohio.

RAISED $49,310ㅤ GOal $125,000

- adoption

Financial Assistance for Chinese Families Adopting More Than 3 Children

We met five families in China who have adopted 3+ children and are struggling financially.

RAISED $29,476ㅤ GOal $45,000

- new homes

Construction of Temporary Homes for Poor Families with Children in California

Our partner has agreed to build 100+ temporary homes for families left homeless in California.

RAISED $99,810ㅤ GOal $425,000


- sports

Sponsoring the Eagles Wheelchair Basketball Team in Annapolis, MD 

Eagles is our favorite wheelchair basketball team in America. Help them train and win!

RAISED $18,420ㅤ GOal $20,000

- Inclusion

Providing Disabled Children with an Inclusive Environment to Study and Play

We are raising funds to create an inclusive environment at Kennedy Primary School in Ohio.

RAISED $12,569ㅤ GOal $25,000

These children need you help

Donate now to help them live a happy and healthy life.

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Sponsoring Bone Marrow Transplantation

Lisa Mershaw is an ordinary child of 5 and did not choose her illness. She has been battling leukemia for a year now and needs a bone marrow transplant.

RAISED $15,506ㅤ GOAL $18,000

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Children Are in Need of Proper Education

Your donation is the only chance for hundreds of Zimbabwean children for a decent education, modern knowledge, and future prospects.

RAISED $34,310ㅤ GOAL $42,000

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Serbian Children Need Some Food

Join our fundraising campaign to buy food packages for Serbian children in poor areas. We buy canned food, and groceries that will help kids survive the winter.

RAISED $19,310ㅤ GOAL $25,000